What is Connectamingo?

A deep-dive into the new social network that is owned and operated by the users.

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What is a "centralized" social network and why is it a problem?

Data Collection - Big Brother is watching and he isn't your friend

Censorship - Conservative voices are being silenced

Election Interference & manipulation of public discourse

Why do we need a de-centralized social network?

Absolute Privacy - Users Own Their Own Data

No Algorithms - Control What You See

Encryption - Keep Your Private Data Secure

Connectamingo Core Values

A User's Right to Privacy

Freedom of Speech | Censorship

Full Transparency

The Issue With Big Tech Social Networks

The Big Tech social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) are "centralized" - a single corporation owns the software and servers that operate their product.

Why is this a problem for a free society?

Granting a corporation the ability to control public discourse - especially on a national and international level - gives them immense power.. the kind that can be used to create false divisions in societies, sway election outcomes, censor the truth and silence political opponents.

Now that social networks are actively using their influence in such a way we must begin the process of transitioning to a community-powered alternative that protects its users' privacy, kicks Big Brother out of the town square and guarantees the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

What is the Connectamingo Network?

Connectamingo is a fully distributed social network made up of thousands of nodes - of which anybody is able to create their own - that are able to operate independently or connect and interact with other nodes.

By default every node is "private" - you'll have to tell your community members where to go in order to access your node.

Node owners have the option to change their community to a "public" node; at which time we'll list their community on Connectamingo+ to help like-minded users find you.

Who has access to my data?

When you join a node as a user the node owner will have access only to the data you send to that individual node.

For example, if you join a node operated by your favorite restaurant.. they'll have your contact and previous order information.

If you subscribe to the Daily Wire they'll have access to your account data and subscription history.

However, the Daily Wire will not ever have the ability to view your order history with your favorite restaurant.

They won't even know you like that restaurant.

If I'm using does that mean Connectamingo is collecting my information?

Not a chance!

We store everything in your internet browser - there's no need to send it to our servers (and frankly, we don't feel like paying the storage fees).

Just be careful not to clear your browser history because you'll lose everything and have to start over again.

What is Connectamingo + ?

We do offer a premium account option that will allow you to upload a snapshot of your Connectamingo data to our servers.

This will allow you to sync everything across multiple devices (and if your browser history is cleared you'll be able to restore your settings).

Before your data is sent to our server it is encrypted within your browser.

The next time you login you'll download your account data, enter your decryption key (basically the same thing as logging in) and your browser will decrypt everything for you.

Our staff will not have the ability to decrypt your information.. make sure you do not forget your decryption key because you will lose access to everything as well.

What is the subscription fee for Connectamingo + ?

There is a $5 / month subscription fee to Connectamingo +

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